The Final Gift

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Marco wrapped his knuckles against the front door of the seaside cottage until they turned numb. No answer. Had something happened to Sarah? Wouldn’t Olivia know to phone him? He’d called her yesterday after he’d landed in New York, so she had his telephone number. She’d reported that Sarah seemed stronger after a good night’s sleep. He should’ve left a security detail with them. Then there’d be no doubt as to where they were.

Leaning in front of the lace-covered window, he peered into the living room. Sarah struggled to push herself up from the giant recliner. He knocked on the window and waved. Relief filled him as she smiled.

“Marco, is that you?”

“Yes, Sarah, it’s me. Where’s Olivia?”

“Come in. Use the key under the mat.”

He lifted the rubber mat and scraped up the shiny, silver key. Using it, he turned the lock.


 Dread tightened Olivia’s gut.  Even before Gran’s echoed ‘Is that you Marco?’ Olivia knew it was him, yet she didn’t expect him this soon. After she and Gran had heard about his pending engagement last night, Olivia thought she’d have more time to tame her emotions.

She wanted to ignore his pounding. Just as she wanted to ignore the way her heart leapt and stuttered. Time to face reality. Time to protect her heart. Time to say good-bye.

Olivia slid the glass door along its rail and stuck her head into the small living room. Marco had already entered the house and was facing Gran, all smiles. He turned toward the noise the door made, toward her. The golden-brown of his irises blazed with anger, but then it was gone. Faded into nothing, like turning off a gas burner on the stove. The house key clasped between his index finger and thumb, his expression controlled, he dropped the metal key in a glass candy bowl on the coffee table. The clanking sound echoed in the sudden silence.

Why should he be angry? She was the one who’d been deceived. Sweet, naïve, simple Olivia. “I’ll give you a few minutes to visit, then we must go. Gran has an appointment.”

“Doctor?” Concern etched Marco’s face.

“Hair,” Olivia lied. Next thing she knew, she’d be turning down Gran’s hearing aid, so she couldn’t hear when Marco knocked.

Olivia closed the door on Gran’s, “Oh, I thought my hair appointment was Friday.”

Olivia hurried down to the dock. She couldn’t stay in a closed-up space where Marco’s mere presence took all the oxygen from the room. To think straight, she needed the openness of the water.

She’d had Gran’s fine example all these years, and still she’d ended up like her parents. Selfish. How humiliating to realize that she’d put her own comfort above Gran’s happiness. Gran loved Marco’s visits.

But how could she encourage him to come back, when she couldn’t control her reaction to his mere presence. She’d sucked it up when her parents had discarded her, ignored that she was alive for years at a time. Why should Marco be any different?

The dock creaked and Olivia turned to see Marco striding toward her.

His eyes sparked bright with anger. “What in hell are you thinking leaving a key under the mat? Anyone could walk in. The lack of security’s appalling.” If there’d been any doubt of his anger earlier, his words confirmed it.

She held onto that anger. It helped hers grow. “I can take care of Gran and myself. Small towns, hardly have any crime. We don’t need security, unlike royalty.” She threw his social status back in his face. “You’re one to talk. As second in line to the throne, shouldn’t you have bodyguards?”

“Been doing some research, have you?”

“Yes. And I don’t see people shadowing you, telling you what to do.”

“They’re close enough.”

“You have bodyguards?” She scanned the shore and the open space next to the cottage.

“I’m not stupid.”

She stood taller. “Meaning I am?” Well, at least she knew his true opinion.

“No,” exasperation coated that single word. His voice became coaxing, “I never said that. I just want you and Sarah safe.”

 “As you can see, Gran and I are fine now. Thanks to you. You can leave with a clear conscience.”

“What are you saying, Olivia?”

“While I appreciate all that you’ve done for Gran, I think it’s better if you go back to your world, your country, and forget about us, like Eddie did.”

“Eddie never forgot. My being here is proof of that.” His eyes were clear, open. “Even if I wanted to, I can’t forget.”

“Why?” Her heart beat a little faster, hope rising against her better judgment.

“Duty alone requires–”

A crack fissured in her heart. “I don’t want to be your duty.” She spit the last word out as if it were vile tasting.

He studied her a long moment before  he spoke again. “What if I said, it’s more than that?”

“Gran wouldn’t want you considering her a duty either.” Olivia spoke over him, wanting this over with. Rip the bandage off instead of tugging it inch by painful inch.

“I’ve asked Sarah to come to Dominagual for a visit, and she’s agreed.”

“What?” She started to pace the length of the dock. Pivoted and shouted, “How could you?”

He strode toward her, reaching out.

But she didn’t want the concern she saw in his eyes. Couldn’t handle his touch.

As she’d been taught in her self-defense class, she ducked to the right, stuck her foot out, and pushed.

Unmasked shock stared at her as he started to fall.

He reached out, grabbing the closest thing to steady himself, and fastened into her arm.

The force had her falling with him, and they both went over the side of the dock. Water closed over her head before she kicked upward and broke the surface.

“What the hell?” he shouted.

“I told you I could take care of myself.” She swam toward the shore until the water lapped at her waist.

Marco followed, clasping his hand around her wrist as she started for the bank. “Why are you so angry, Olivia?”

“You kissed me.”

“Yes,” he grinned. “And we both enjoyed it.”

“You’re engaged.”

His head snapped back. “How could you possibily know?”

Olivia tried to smile, but couldn’t quite manage it. “On one of the TV shows you ordered. Your high-handedness came back to bite you.” She tested his hold.

He didn’t release her. “I never announced it.”

Was he one of those diplomats that twisted the truth to suit themselves? Her hands fisted. “Were you officially engaged or not?”

The louder her voice became, the softer his turned. “Papers were signed by my father when I turned ten.”

An arrow of hurt pierced her heart. “That sounds official to me.”

“I never made that commitment.” Certainty shone bright in his eyes.

But what did he mean? If she went to Dominagual and everyone believed he was engaged, she’d be a fool. “I won’t be some royal plaything. Even Eddie had more respect for Gran than to make her his mistress.”

“I never asked you to become my mistress. But if you want the job–”

“I didn’t mean it that way.” She shook her wrist, trying to get loose, but he wouldn’t let go. “I’m confused.”

“That makes two of us.” Using the buoyancy of the water, he pulled her closer. “I had every intention of announcing my engagement in New York, making it binding. A little side trip to a quaint town on the Chesapeake Bay to finish my grandfather’s business, and I’d start a new chapter of my life. Only nothing turned out the way I expected.”

A strand of hair plastered across Olivia’s cheek. With his index finger, he pushed the wet, sable tress behind her ear. She stood still at his gentle touch.

“How so?”

“I saw you. I met Sarah.” He tugged again, until the current’s rhythm had her legs tapping against his. “Come to Dominagual with me.”

“What?” Was he crazy? She barely knew him.

“I promise to take care of Sarah if you want a break, but she’d be happier with you there. So would I.”

“I’m going to talk to Gran. All of her doctor’s are here.”

“The Royal doctors have trained at the finest hospitals in the world.” He kissed her temple. His hot breath caressing along the side of her face until he reached her ear. “I broke my arranged engagement last night.”

She leaned back staring into his gaze and saw the truth.

“Say, yes.”



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Black Friday Fiasco

Normally, I’m not a commitment-phobe. Except when it comes to new technology. I like the kinks and bugs to be worked out before I attempt to take on a new piece of equipment. The time that I dreaded approached fast. New cell phone plan. I talked to people. I studied. I waited. Finally, I decided on a plan.

Now on to the phones. My sons conferred and agreed on the Motorola DROID Razr Maxx. Okay, if that’s what made them happy. But my executive decision included a budget. Well, maybe we’d get an older model. I was satisfied. My boys, let’s just say they are used to Mom pulling the plug on their delusions of grandeur.

The week before Thanksgiving, I went into Best Buy. You know the store that advertises one stop shopping for ALL carriers of phones. A helpful salesperson told me the new DROID Razr Maxx would be on a really good sale Black Friday. What’s really good? It’s free! Free works within my budget. I listened to his ten minute, just like the infomercial, But wait…there’s more… spiel. By the end, even I was excited.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving. We traveled to West Virginia to spend the holiday with close friends. After eating with the entire family in Maryland until we were stuffed, we headed back over the mountain, when I realized the time was just after ten o’clock. Best Buy opened at midnight. So a plan formulated in my mind. Stay up another two hours, get this taken care of, and then I could sleep and go Black Friday shopping later that day.

It was below freezing in West Virginia at eleven-thirty. Even the huge line that streamed one city block long, couldn’t keep you warm. A lone soul played guitar and sang on the sidewalk for tips. At midnight the line started to move. By twelve-twenty we’d made it in the store. Oh joy, another line for the cellular service. As the boys and I stood in line, hubby checked out all the bargains. I noticed almost everyone had a pink slip of paper. So I asked the couple behind me, what it was about. They said a lady was giving them out and you needed one to purchase the phones. Well, I needed one of those pieces of paper. Leaving the boys to guard our place, I trekked down the lady.

Can I have one of those papers?

What phone do you want?

The DROID Razr Maxx, I replied. The look of pity that crossed her face was my clue. I’m sorry, this store doesn’t handle Verizon.

What? Best Buy is supposed to handle ALL carriers.

Oh no, Verizon is not in West Virginia.

Okay, what are we to do? How about Hagerstown, Maryland?

No, that store doesn’t carry Verizon either.

So I text the hubby and we leave.

The next morning I wake up early, half aggravated. After all this was the right plan, the right phone for the right price. But only on Black Friday. On to Plan B. I bring up the Best Buy website. Okay, they have the same deal on-line. Let’s get this sucker done. Forty-five slow minutes later after I promised my first born, the Best Buy computer had trouble interfacing with the Verizon computer. They couldn’t verify my credit. Please try again later. What? Or, in small print down below, please call 1-800-bla-blah. So I called. They weren’t going to stop me.

They actually picked up the phone. I explained my dilemma to the nice kid on the other side of the line. He sympathized, unlike the computer. We go through the whole thing again and he has to manually verify credit because the system is overloaded. Okay, I’ve only been at this for an hour and a half so far. Plus the two hours wasted from the night before.  Another fifteen minutes and we were ready to rock and roll. All that was left to do was for me to press the number one accepting the terms and conditions. My phone screen turned black… nothing. The darn thing had been acting up and I wanted to haul the sucker out the window. Hubby grabbed the phone at my wail of Oh, no. He tapped it against his hand, trying to get it to light up. No luck. Somehow the call got disconnected. I split a few verbs before I redialed.

When Best Buy answered the second time, I asked for the guy who’d been helping me. New guy said, no problem, he could help me.  As I gave him my name, I warned him I was frustrated and while the computer took it’s time bringing up info, I regaled him with my long tale of woe. I could feel his nervousness over the line. But low and behold, my information came up, or so he told me. Another forty-five minutes later, same problem with the credit computer being overworked and he read my order back to me. Except instead of the three phones I needed, he only ordered one. He didn’t have all my info as he thought. He had to go back…no…again… and this time he warned me they only had one-hundred, forty-three phones left. Then you better hurry up, I told him. Six hours later, I had the all important order number. As my friend said later, Hon, nothing’s really free.

And just last evening I went to Verizon to get the phones activated. Next week I’m registered for a class on how to use my new piece of technology. Wish me luck.